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It is widely well known that the town of Mossel Bay can be found halfway between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. The latter and Port Elizabeth are 800 km apart. Furthermore, Mossel Bay is a holiday destination with numerous festivals, events, adventures and attractions. Don’t believe that Mossel Bay is only sand and beaches. No, it also displays mountains, animals, water streams/rivers and rolling landscapes. But what about it other gems that all form part of the town of Mossel Bay ?


Better known for Art, History, Holidays and Entertainment. Here one can find the ATKV Museum, displaying objects of the Great Trek as well as the Trek of 1938. Hartenbos is adjacent to Mossel Bay proper, close to the suburbs of Diaz, Voorbaai and Bay View.

Little Brak River, Friemersheim, Great Brak River, and Glentana

Also towards the East of Mossel bay, direction George, the following activities can be experienced :

  • Walking Trails and short walks such as : 103 steps walk, Vleiland & Nature walk, History walk, Pepper Tree walk, Southern Cross walk, the Island walk, and the Circle walk.
  • The Great Brak Museum as well as a Tourism Office (at The Dekke).
  • Cycling Routes, including : Poeding Pad (20 km), Perdeplaas route (39 km), Frangrance route (36,5 km). These routes are easy to moderate.
  • Fragrance Route. Lavender and chilli shortbread, a historical church, and armfuls of freshly cut lavender.


Also  known for its food, wine, beer, wildlife and architecture. As far as the latter is concerned, one can find churches, houses with paintings and even a spices storeroom as mortuary. Other interesting things :

  • A beer brewery nearby called Glenhoff (only brewery in Mossel Bay), as well as Jakkalsvlei Private Cellar (only wine farm in Mossel Bay).
  • Some wild life such as the Gondwana Game Reserve and the Indalu Game Reserve. The latter Reserve has a whole herd of elephants whom you can personally feed and walk with, under the supervision of some expert elephant coaches.

Vleesbaai, Boggomsbaai & Fransmanhoek

As for Herbertsdale, these 3 suburbs are also on the Western side of Mossel Bay proper. At the Southern side of the Bay is Fransmanshoek, which is a paradise for rock anglers. Fishing is the most popular activity at Vleesbaai and Boggomsbaai as well. Beaches here provide fishermen with multiple fishing spots, with the local shop providing bait, angling equipment (if necessary) and accessories. You most likely need to acquire a permit to fish here. Other activities :

  • Water sports such as surfing (‘Toads’ being a popular spot), kayaking, sand boarding and kite surfing
  • The sand beaches provide ideal long walks. The well known ‘Oystercatcher Hiking Trail’ passes through Vleesbaai. The latter trail should be seriously considered as a ‘bucket’ adventure.