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Recently, the well known water worm in Hartenbos, used by many visitors for over 30 years and more, has closed down after the dismantling phase was completed. This facility is now being moved to the Diaz beach Water Park, some 4 km away.  The Water Park has its own water worm but the additional assemblies arriving from Hartenbos will certainly enhance the quality and functionality of the facility.

A concrete structure has been left behind after the assemblies were removed, but this will soon be removed by the ATKV  resort owners. The reason for doing away with the Hartenbos water worm was due to an ATKV decision to upgrade its entertainment facilities over a large area.  The water left behind could luckily be recovered, and transported to a few drought suffering  areas in other provinces. The 1st phase of the ATKV development should be completed just in time before the holiday makers arrive. Mr Dirk Steyn, (ex)owner of the water worm  in Hartenbos has already started up the enhanced  water worm at Diaz beach as the new owner. The Diaz beach water worm is open to the public 7 days of the week.

The newly enhanced water feature at Diaz beach will be completed in April this year and Dirk is convinced that his Hartenbos customers will follow him to Diaz beach.

View the video below.  We have some fond memories of Hartenbos’s original Waterpark.