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The Portuguese Bartholomew Diaz was the very first European that set foot on (South) African soil – in 1488 at Munro beach Mossel Bay. Afterwards, the Cape was named in 1497 by Vasco da Gama,   another explorer. He arrived in Mossel Bay on the day of St Blaize. The well known Cave at the Point in Mossel Bay was then named the St Blaize Cave.


In 1810 there was evidence found that the Cave had been inhabited by hunter-gatherers who ate mostly shellfish. It was only in 1888 that Sir George Leith excavated and found conclusively that the shellmiddens had been left by pre-colonial inhabitants. There was evidence of Middle Stone Age occupation below the middens. Recent excavations at other sites in the vicinity by Prof Marean of the Institute of Human Origins at the University of Arizona, found evidence going back 160 000 years. One of these sites is located at Pinnacle Point, some 8 km outside Mossel Bay and can be visited by the public by pre-arrangement.